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Reasons behind EDB file errors and their prospective solution Arlen Pledge . 19th Jul 2016 . 1 Reply

Since the release of version 4.0 in 1996, Microsoft Exchange Server has seen several technological changes and has proved itself the best amongst its competitors. However, its vulnerable nature couldn’t be changed till now. EDB file corruption is the most common issue shared by all MS Exchange Server users across the globe. For understanding the whole concept of EDB file corruption, we must understand the purpose of the EDB files.

EDB is one of the key file format maintained by Exchange Server. EDB files preserve and store user’s mailbox information on the Exchange Server. Just like other mailboxes it carries mail components like emails, Calendar, Notes, Contacts, appointments etc. These mailbox components can get formatted or corrupted due to various hardware issues, making complete mailbox inaccessible. Whereas, several software issues can also turn EDB files corrupt stopping all the Exchange Server transactions at once. Some of the issues causing EDB corruption have been described below:

  • Overloaded EDB file due to multiple users

  • Interruption in power supply causing abrupt system shutdown

  • Accidental removal of mailbox or one of its components

  • Jet Engine Transaction causing series of errors

  • EDB data loss caused by header corruption or formatting

  • Usage of malicious software affecting integrity of residing EDB files on the system

  • Corruption of associated hard drive in which EDB backup files reside

  • Corruption of any associated software affecting EDB file

Apart from these issues, many other issues result in EDB file error. These issues cause following errors:

1.Jet engine error 1018

This error generally occurs when the header value differs from the resultant value during an event. It also occurs due to error in NTFS file system or when the corrupt data is assigned to unidentified location.

2.Jet engine error 1019

This error occurs due to invalid logical links and pointers among pages. The associated applications or Exchange Server issues cause it. It generally shows up when uninitialized page found to be in use.

3.Jet engine error 1022

This error is caused by corrupted EDB file. It occurs due to misinterpretation of number of log file pages. This error prevent user from accessing any other EDB files too.

Prospective solution of the errors

Although Eseutil and Isinteg are availed by MS Exchange Server to resolve, linked issues and errors but these two inbuilt utilities have some limitations. They often fail to resolve rigorous errors even after several attempts. Therefore, experts suggest obtaining certified EDB to PST converter software, which is capable of solving all the problems associated with MS Exchange Server versions. It is always safe to test the software’s features before paying a hefty amount for its license. Utilize Kernel for Exchange Server recovery software, popular third party software possessing all the capable features of perfect EDB recovery software. It not only removes errors from the required files but also permits user to manage them efficiently. It lists the recovered files components in sequence, so that user can select and preview them easily, before taking any saving step. User can even migrate the recovered files to Office 365, Live Exchange Server, Archive mailboxes, Private folders etc for safekeeping it form further damage. Get an idea about the software by downloading its free version. Checkout more info visit at:

Jasmin Jones . 19th Jul 2016

Email services are core component of any Exchange organization. When Exchange Server services are halted due to any reason, all the other services associated with it stop responding. In such a case some user would go through panic state and some would look up to the backup the files and folders for rescue. But restoring backup files may not be the best solution always. The most important thing to do in such crises situation is to resume the flow of mails as quick as possible, because restoration of entire Exchange database can be time consuming. So it is advised to restore mail services first and then get back the remaining database subsequently. Here we have outlined four easy ways using which user can easily restore mail services rapidly:

1. Recognize and Rebuild the infrastructure of Corrupt Exchange Server:

Step1: Check the Active directory to identify the failed Server.
Step2: Open the directory then reset the account of the computer associated with the corrupted Server.
Step3: Install on the failed Server
Setp4: Modify the name of the computer in order to keep it identical with the name of the failed server.
Step5: Now, connect the server to the domain.
Step6: Add the Exchange Server installation media in the server.
Step7: Click Run and write this command: /M:RecoverServer

2. Using Dial Tone Recovery Method:

Step1: Form a new database by running this dial tone recovery command: New-Mailbox Database --Name Dialtone --EdbFilePath D:DialtoneDialTone.edb (Note: Build the database in a free space)
Step2: Type Get-Mailbox command to restore the list of the mailboxes carried by the corrupted Server.  
Step3: Use Set-Mailbox cmdlet to restore the mailboxes.
Step4: Now, mount the database using Mount-Database cmdlet: Mount-Database --Identity Dialtone

3. Recover Old data from Exchange Server:

Step1: Go to the recovery storage group to restore your backup.
Step2: Merge your recovery storage group with the data that has been collected in the dial tone database.

Recover the data through third party recovery tool:

The above three ways are outlined when a single Exchange Server is corrupted. But they would be of no help when the database is severely corrupted or multiple Exchange database files are corrupted. You can take the help of a third party EDB to PST Converter tool to get your database back. Download Kernel for Exchange Server recovery software, a prominent third party Exchange database recovery tool and resume your work flow in a short span of time. The software is embedded with advanced Exchange recovery features, so you can modify the recovered database according your requirements. You can also use this tool to export your recovered database files to Live Exchange Server or to Office 365 mailbox.

Julie Mirren . 30th Mar 2016
How to Repair Jet Error in Exchange Server? Simtopan Richard . 14th Jan 2016 . 1 Reply

Microsoft Exchange Server is widely used as send and receive electronic mail that stores data in edb file format. Exchange Server offers you attractive feature such as scheduling, contact, and task management and then it provides you to share information quickly and efficiently. All sent or received data are saved primarily at Exchange database which is very helpful in dealing accidental deletion of mailbox data. Exchange server save data in database files such as Priv1.edb, Pub1.edb, Priv.1.stm and Pub1.stm.

Priv1.edb is a rich-text database files which includes headers, email messages, text attachments that corresponds to email. Priv1.stm is a streaming file which includes multi-media data that is formatted as MIME data.

Reasons behind corruption of exchange server database

The main issue of exchange server database edb files corruption are server shutdown, power issues, JET errors, drive errors, corrupt header errors, server down issues, transaction log file, server crash incidents, database reaching to maximum file size limit etc.

In case, your exchange server database is corrupted from following reason then simultaneously, you get encountered with the mentioned error messages such as:

  • “JET_errRecordNotFound, the key was not found”, “JET_errRecordDeleted”.
  • “The system cannot find the path specified”.
  • “Database contains serious errors and cannot be automatically repaired”.
  • “The database engine found a bad page”.
  • “Unable to initialize DAO/JET DB Engine”.
  • Error -1216 (JET_errAttachedDatabaseMismatch)’

When your exchange server edb files gets corrupted then you cannot send and receive mail, and so you need to repair exchange server mailbox from Eseutil.exe. If this Eseutil does not offer much help to repair exchange server then use a third-party tool like Exchange server edb software.

Exchange server edb software like Kernel for Exchange Server Recovery is well trusted and advance third party tool which provide accurate result. The software is capable to resolve exchange server database issue which is corrupted or inaccessible. The software repairs Priv1.edb file and pub.edb file instantly and restore lost exchange server database file containing messages, calendars, contacts, drafts, tasks, notes, journals, distribution lists, appointments, sent items, deleted emails etc.

Extra features of this tool are:

  • Convert exchange edb to pst files format
  • Export EDB files to Office 365
  • Convert edb to live exchange server  
  • Migrate EDB to Public folders and archive mailboxes
  • Save recovered edb files in MSG, EML, RTF, HTML and TXT files
  • Support exchange server versions 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, 5.5 and 5.0
  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook

Download Software from

Simtopan Richard . 14th Jan 2016
Need exchange database repair utility Redmona Levice . 11th Dec 2015 . 1 Reply

Use Eseutil and Isinteg utility to repair exchange server database

Eseutil utility is an advance and perfect exchange server repair tool situate in the bin directory of Microsoft Exchange server. Using this tool one can recover and repair exchange server databases and it allows soft and hard database repair and recovery from offline Exchange Server. If you want to repair exchange server then run the Eseutil command from the DOC command prompt. Number of commands are possible with Eseutil utility:

  • Eseutil /D – Eseutil's /D switch used to defragment and reducing the database's size  
  • Eseutil /R – You can use this command to soft recovery with Eseutil
  • Eseutil /g – When the Exchange database EDB file gets corrupt then use this command turns handy in checking exchange server database integrity.
  • Eseutil /k command is effective in detecting file header damage and it verifies the page-level integrity of the information store databases.
  • Eseutil /p – You can use this command to repair corrupted or damaged edb databases at the page and table levels.
  • Eseutil /m – Eseutil /m command turns beneficial to file dump mode: View transaction log file and database page headers, Validate transaction log files, Check metadata and space usage.
  • Eseutil /c – By using this command you can very easily restore database from online backup.

Note: If you are using eseutil utility to repair exchange sever then it is important that your system must have sufficient free disk space for Eseutil to run.

The lsinteg utility is used for checking the integrity of the repair logical inconsistencies in Exchange server databases. This is done with the command: Isinteg –s {Exchange Server name}-fix-test all tests

Note: Before running Isinteg utility, ensure that the mailbox database is dismounted and that the MSExchangeIS service is started.

If the Eseutil utility fails to repair exchange server database edb files, then use an advance and effective third party tool to properly resolve issue. EDB to PST converter software such Kernel for exchange server is an effective tool that repair corrupt or damaged exchange server database and recover both EDB and STM files. It is capable to resolve issue like physical as well as logical corruption instantly. Moreover, the software works on exchange server versions like 5.0, 5.5, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and is highly compatible with MS Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

For more help Visit

Mark Johnathan . 11th Dec 2015

Exchange Database File, otherwise called EDB files is generate by Microsoft exchange server. EDB  file goes about as a repository for the user mailbox information saved by Microsoft Exchange Server. Now and again because of virus assaults or installing corrupted program in the PC, the EDB files gets corrupted. To Repair EDB, we suggest utilizing the bellow tools that would recuperate your valuable data.

Repair EDB File utilizing Eseutil.

Eseutil is an inbuilt device in MS Exchange Server that assists users with repairing the corrupted EDB file or Exchange database. Despite the fact that it is exceptionally valuable, in any case you will lose some information while utilizing it to repair EDB files (Exchange database). The Eseutil does not repair the corrupted database in genuine, indeed it remakes the database and erases the invalid information which are recognized amid the rebuild process.

Isinteg – To repair exchange server

Another inbuilt utility in Exchange Server is Isinteg that assists users with performing a search through an offline data store for integrity weaknesses. The issues and mistakes which are detected by the Isintig, can easily fixed by by utilizing it. To run Isinteg.exe,  you need to go to the command prompt.

Before utilizing the Eseutil and Isinteg tool, you have to perform a few activities which are given  below:

Creating of replica of a exchange server database: You have to make a replica of the corrupted database to repair EDB files. On the off chance that you are not certain about the database's location database files or the names of the files, you can take assistance from the Exchange Server Manager. By getting to the database properties from the Exchange Server Manager, you can find the files. You will be diverted to the database page where you will find a listing of file names and paths.

Before performing the repairing activity, verify the database file you are going to repair is legitimately properly dismounted. To check it, open the Exchange Management Console (EMC) on your system and navigate to the Organization Configuration. Click on Mailbox, and after that pick the Database Management tab. In this tab, you can see every one of the databases in your Exchange organization. The database file you are going to repair, is likewise there. Verify the document is dismounted when you find in the Mounted section. On the off chance that the file is mounted, just right-tap on the information and select the Dismount Database command.

Confirmation of disk space: This is the last activity in which you have to affirm the disk space to perform the repair task. Verify you have the empty space of no less than 20% of the aggregate database size.

Easily run Eseutil from the command prompt?

    Go to Start > Run or simply press Win+R.
    Now in the run box, type “cmd” and press OK.
    Go to C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin directory
    Type Eseutil.exe in the command line.

Note: Before using Eseutil utility to repair exchange server database, it is highly recommended to take backup of the Exchange server database files.

If you want to repair exchange server database by using another third party tool then I would like to recommand EDB to PST converter tool. Read more

Mark Martin . 6th Nov 2015
Acquaintance of Exchange Server database Error 1018 Henri Walgor . 15th Oct 2015 . 1 Reply

Error 1018 usually occurs because of the following reasons:

Checksum value of page in with header isn't going to match up the worth re-calculated though any kind of function is carried out with ESE databases.

There is certainly either a number of miscalculation together with NTFS report program or maybe the results is it being published with an completely wrong location within the hard disk.

The Exchange Server at times acts wary itself and generates this error. This happens when the server generates an incorrect checksum value for the page.

The Exchange Server from time to time works careful itself along with builds that mistake. This kind of takes place when the server builds a completely wrong checksum value for the page.

Fixing the Exchange Error 1018

Since it’s obvious just how and why the Exchange server Error 1018 JET_errReadVerifyFailure will be created, we are able to look at mending the idea when using the Eseutil. This can be a open source command-line tool tool created by Microsoft to assist inside resolution regarding page-level EDB File corruption. Here is a step-by-step method associated with mending the particular database.

Note: We have been with the case involving physical corruption, in order to deal with the idea we should require a backup and restore your data. Whenever files is usually restored by online backup, you can be rest assured that it doesn’t have any corrupt page, if there’s the damaged page the online backup  procedure is going to be immediately over with error 1018.

If you want try to another option like use third party tool,  which available here -


Resmor Amina . 15th Oct 2015

Eliminating errors are the most common term that system professionals often come across. The main focus of the user is to meet the minimal essential criteria which is required to relieve the system-in-use. Being the most common strategy, it is widely accepted and even highly recommended. The same strategy in used in eliminating the error 450 in exchange server.

Exchange servers are prone to binary mishaps, known as errors, which most often tend to affect the exchange server files and their execution upon any command from user system. Any alien command or disproportion of hardware utility may lead to serious damages to the exchange server files.

Exchange Server Error 450-Aboriginal server error

Exchange server error 450, when displayed, indicates a serious issue with rejection of email by the exchange server. This error is witnessed with some domains, while other domains does not display error messages.

450 4.7.1 Client host rejected: cannot find your reverse hostname

This error implies that the concerned server is keen to verify the address with which user has sent an email. Usually, when sender sends the email, the email reaches to the server, which in turn verifies the IP address from where it is coming from. If the server produces a failure report of mail failure, then error is simultaneously generated. This error is also faced when the recipient address is not valid and access to the server is not valid.

450 4.7.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied

Resolutions for Exchange Server Error 450

The consequence of error 450 is very well known to the system administrators. However, the solution to such problem must also be known to the user as it may act as smart remedy to get rid of the tingling issue.

  • Check Reverse DNS: Sometimes The Reverse DNS is linked to an Internet Service Provider, which must actually be linked to Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). Therefore, error 450 is caused. The user must ensure that domain name is not invalid and must create a valid setup.
  • Check Blacklisted IP Addresses: If your email id is blacklisted, then server will never identify your email id and it will reflect the commands back to the user who has initiated the mails.

The above mentioned resolutions may somehow assist you in rescuing EDB and STM file but in case where severe file corruption is involved, user must take assistance from a reliable third-party tool like Kernel for Exchange Server.

Executing common chores with Kernel for Exchange Server

To fix the exchange server error 450, most professionals recommend for assistance from a reliable third-party tool. One such tool is Kernel for Exchange Server which has been specifically designed to meet the entire requirements of the user related to exchange servers.

Kernel for EDB to PST Tool explicitly supports exchange server 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, 5.5 & 5, MS Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2002/2000/98 and 97, Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT and 95, and other versions of Windows server. Other than serving as a large platform for exchange servers, Kernel for Exchange Server permits user to save the recovered EDB files in PST, MSG, RTF, TXT and HTML. The restored EDB files can even be migrated directly to Office 365, Live Exchange Server, public folders and archive mailbox. Thus, user can simply convert the concerned EDB and STM files into format of choice or may directly transfer them to desired destination by using this stupendous tool.

Read more here:

Goolmor Sikny . 14th Oct 2015
How to convert Exchange mails to Outlook? Kenny Madden . 7th Oct 2015 . 4 Reply

In case Eseutil don't work, I would like to recommend prominent solution named Kernel for exchange recovery that repair corrupt exchange server database more effectively and extract all deleted or lost user mailbox items like attachments, messages, calendars,contacts, drafts, tasks, notes, journals etc. Read more

Henri Walgor . 14th Oct 2015